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Sarah Herron

Helping women navigate adventure, motherhood and life's messy in-betweens

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Internationally recognized as “Sarah Herron from The Bachelor,” I’m better known for my adventures and vulnerable Instagram posts. I'm an outdoor enthusiast, mom-in-the-making, and a storyteller. I'm a Sagittarius 4W3 on the Enneagram.

adventure enthusiast, mom-in the making, BLOGGER, Content creator, Marketing BADASS

Ready for your next big adventure?

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...and above all, I'm the friend who's been there.

I'm a Storyteller

An Adventure Host

An Entreprenuer

An Award-winning Art Director

Life is full of nexts's how  we navigate the in-betweens

The next trip, the next job, the next baby... The average person goes through three dozen life transitions in their lifetime; one every twelve to eighteen months. That means we spend 1/3 of our lives in the in-between. Lapses in the way we "thought" life would go are uncomfortable. But in the discomfort of those in-betweens is where we can begin to re-write our stories. I'm a master storyteller, I want to help you tell yours!

Think well get along?

Join me on an adventure!

One of my greatest passions is bringing women together for experiences that push them out of their comfort zone. I thrive in facilitating adventures that create intimate connection and growth for women over shared life experiences.

My Passion

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My focus is on adventure, mental health, motherhood and mastering life's messy transitions. I have been helping brands and people effectively expand and deepen connection for over 12 years. I bring 7 years of experience as an award-winning art director and storyteller to my personal brand today. For 5 years, I was the founder and executive director of the nonprofit, SheLift, and before that I was an Art Director at 72andSunny.

Coaching (coming soon!)


Content Creation
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Helping entrepreneurs and small businesses develop their big ideas is my specialty! Let me help you turn your product into a brand with multiple extensions. Through social media, events and hosted experiences, I prioritize collaborating with like-minded entrepreneurs, brands and organizations.

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Awards and Recognition

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Hear My Story

I'm not a podcaster (anymore) but every once-in-a-while, I get the chance to be a guest on some pretty awesome shows. Listen to a few of my favorite interviews.

NO. 1 - Wild Ideas Worth Living (on starting SheLift)


No. 2 - Gold Digger Podcast (on authenticity)


No. 3 - Love Fest (IVF Journey w/ Dyln Brown)

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Awards and Recognition

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Whether you're looking for ways to hit the road this summer, or are navigating the road to motherhood, new ventures can be overwhelming. I've got you covered with these helpful posts.

Adventure, Gear, Itineraries, Fertility, Relationships Business and more!


From the backcountry to the beautycounter, get my tips, tricks and more to level up your adventures in the outdoors.


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To spark your wanderlust and help script your next route. Here are my top five favorite road trips of the West.

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