I'm the founder of SheLift, a creative director, storyteller, mentor and an avid outdoorsgirl. I'm also a Colorado native born without the lower half of my left arm but it hasn't stoped me from much. I ski, SUP, climb, camp and shavasana. I do everything in the pursuit of showing women what's possible - despite our limiting beliefs. 


After seeing the ways adventure and coaching could transform lives, I decided to make my life-changing approach to cultivating confidence accessible to woman of all abilities – everywhere. Whether it's summiting a fourteener, camping in the backcountry or walking into a yoga class for the first time, I want to help you conquer your mountains. I've designed one-on-one coaching, group retreats and workshops to fit your needs. Let me help you reach your goals, tap into your confidence and inspire ways to live more authentically.


My values are rooted in connection, authenticity, personal development, and creative expression. I promise always to give you my truth, so you can feel permission to give yours. I also can't promise to have all the answers, cures, weekly newsletters or photo presets that will change your life overnight. This is a journey, and it's not always going to be perfect.