A Course in Confidence

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I have designed a course to help women step out of their comfort zone, craft their life mission statement and relaunch their bad-ass-selves to the world in a radically redefined way.

Join me and a group of inspired women for a 6 hour workshop that will challenge you to redefine the way you see yourself. This course is carefully crafted to incorporate life-coaching elements, group-led conversations and risk taking exercises that empower women to step outside of their comfort zones.

Dimples, pimples, hair or bare, you are unique, worthy and deserving of being seen – just the way you are. Which is why at the end of this course, every woman will get the opportunity to take her new-found confidence and SEE it immediately. Each woman will get the opportunity to have an empowering photoshoot with a professional photographer, in a safe, loving and judgement free zone.

A Course in Confidence
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