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10 Day Travel Guide to Switzerland and Lake Como

Connecting with people all over the world.

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Ask people why they travel and the answers will be different across the board. “To experience new cultures, sample different cuisines, to collect art, take photos, cross off bucket-list items,” etc. But I would like to argue that the real reason we long to go abroad, is to share in the moments which remind us that we humans are more alike than we are different. Despite varying cultures, languages, beliefs, skin color, traditions, religions or upbringing – we all experience joy, adventure, creativity, suffering and connection in similar ways. Being able to transcend the barriers that make us different is one of my favorite aspects of international travel. It’s chatting about color with a painter in his studio. It’s watching an artisan craft her masterpiece rug. It’s getting directions from a farmer on the side of the road. For me, travel is really about connecting with people all over the world, and Delta Airlines has helped make that possible.

I’ve had my heart set on exploring Switzerland for years. I’ve dreamed about skiing the alps, hiking through green pastures while singing The Sound of Music, eating fondue and getting to know the people of my Scandinavian heritage.

So this spring, Dylan and I decided to make it happen. We had briefly spent time in the Alps last summer and fell undeniably in love with the region and knew we needed more. We needed bigger mountains, more adventure, more pizza, and more storytelling. We decided to plan a tour through to Switzerland (and stop into Northern Italy for a few days - since we were there, after all ;).