Fall hiking clothes for the SheLift Fall Retreat

Photos by Dylan H. Brown

I’ve heard magic stories about Moab. Stories of how this sacred land has left a deeply profound impact on people – spiritually and physically. There’s no denying it, this mystical desert is awe-inspiring. It’s demanding of the body and healing for the spirit. Stepping foot onto the red, sandy ground has the ability to transport you to another universe. When you’re here, worries left at home – emails, bills, to-do lists and responsibility – suddenly seem so trivial, so miniscule. The vast, sweeping canyons of what used to be the ocean floor have a simple way of putting life into perspective.

I’ve spent a lot of time in the desert this summer, and I definitely understand the “magic” people speak of. I fell in love in this desert, I pushed my comfort zones in this desert and now, I have the great honor of sharing similar experiences with SheLift. Today, four young women will show up to take ownership of their lives. These four girls, though different in appearance and perspective, all share one common goal: to let go of what’s been holding them back and leap fully into a life of self-acceptance and empowerment. They’ll experience the thrill of rappelling down 100ft canyon walls, and forming life-long connections over hot cocoa and campfires.

If this weekend is anything like those I’ve spent in the desert before, the trip will be short, but the impact will last forever. The girls arrive today and from the minute they set foot into camp, I will be consumed with adrenaline and excitement. To re-set and make sure I’m mentally and physically tuned for the weekend ahead, I went on a hike this morning. With the notable change of temperature in the air, it’s clear summer has come to an end – a bittersweet realization. I’m sad to be ushering summer out, but oh so excited to switch out my closet for colder weather clothes and the winter adventures to come with SheLift.

I kept cozy on the trails this morning in my Highline Hybrid Cargo Tight and Speedlight Top. My favorite part about these new pants from @Athleta is that they keep me warm on the trail, but look just as cute for a day on the town. And my friends agreed - they make my butt look great. They also have pockets which is an added bonus for the copious amounts of chapstick I always seem to carry. Bring on more winterwear! #PowerOfShe athleta.com #Sponsored

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