Day-to-night adventure boots? Yes.

Sponsored by Zappos
Photos by Dylan H. Brown

A few weeks ago I wrote in a caption that my boot collection was outgrowing my jewelry collection, and I wasn’t lying. Since moving to Colorado, I have amassed a booming personal catalogue of hiking boots. Perhaps it’s because I spent the last 10 years working at an office and the prompt to trade in dress shoes which cause my feet pain (physically and financially) for shoes that take me places (literally), has been an exciting new frontier. I’ve also recently drummed up a lot of conversation about donning “girlie” clothing on my outdoor adventures – a true conviction, and I’m sticking to it. I am a feminine woman and I love the outdoors and there’s room to love both. For example, I love shopping online but I also love disconnecting from wifi and getting outside.

But let’s get back to my prosperous boot collection for a second. My boots, now spilling out of my closet, aren’t just an archive of accessories that are worn once and tossed aside never to see the light of day again. My boots are story telling devices – vehicles for my next adventure. This summer I logged a lot of miles onto my boots and I made a lot of discoveries, personally and in the outdoors. There’s no greater sense of accomplishment or reflection than seeing the miles worn onto boots after a summer put to good use. 


But summer adventures are quickly coming to an end in Colorado and I’ve officially kicked into fall boot mode – a season in it’s own right. When I first discovered my Merrell Chateau Mid Pull Waterproof boots, I was stoked on how they took me from cool weather camping trips in Moab to the wandering posh streets of Aspen – all in one look. Versatile in function and fashion, these boots are equivalent to a “day-to-night-dress.” I’ve frequently worn these boots out on adventures by day with Dylan, straight into our evenings out with friends. They’re stylish – which satisfies my fashionista persuasion – but also highly functional and have a super grippy tread – which comes in helpful for those “stand on a rock and look out” photoshoots Dylan subjects me to.


I love the boots SO much, I decided to order a similar (but different) pair on Zappos immediately. Since I’m a creature of habit and like what I like, I ordered the Merrell Womens Chateau Tall Pull Waterproof – almost the identical boot, just taller! Since Zappos promises fast, free shipping, a 365-day return policy it was a no brainer to get the second pair sent to me ASAP. Now I have two more boots in my growing collection, and I can’t wait to see where they take me. #sponsored #createyourtrail #Zapposstyle

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