#GivingTuesday for SheLift

Today is not a fun day of the year for me. I hate competition, and I hate begging for acceptance. I've spent my entire life trying to convince people I'm worthy of their love, approval and time. I've starved myself, hurt myself and tried to be someone that I wasn't, just so other people would give me a chance. I sought out love and connection in desperate ways (🌹) and without fail, it never worked in my favor until I decided TO STOP DOING THAT. So I won't do it today for #GivingTuesday either

Your email inboxes are BLOWING UP. One charity after another vying for your donation, consideration and support. Each charity trying to catch your attention with a better subject line, a more emotional video and stronger plea for money. I am beyond thankful and speechless for the amount of support you have shown SheLift and helped it blossom into the life-changing brand that it is, but SheLift NEEDS YOUR LOVE. Asking for your continued support, money and passion for SheLift has been the continually most vulnerable two years of my life and to say I enjoy this would be a massive miscommunication. I HATE this.

So, if you've ever had to wade into discomfort (like begging people for their money) or taking a photo with no make up on, or had to rappel down a 100 foot cliff.... you know what it's like to put yourself out there only to potentially fall flat on your face. I'm up for falling, but I can't let women and girls with differences go another year of their lives feeling like they can't overcome the issues that are holding them back.

If you can, I would love your dollars this #GivingTuesday. But I'd rather have your commitment to holding this organization accountable to it's mission. Below are some powerful photos from our retreats this year that I'd love your help in encouraging your friends and community to consider looking at. These girls and future girls deserve to be seen and motivated to CONQUER LIFE. So while you consider who to give your dollars to today, because that's what you're supposed to do, think about giving CONFIDENCE, ADVENTURE and CONNECTION instead.

Oh, but you can also donate > > > > HERE

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