Terrible, Thanks For Asking

I’m not sure how I’ve made it this long before getting completely sucked into the Podcast black hole, but alas, the gravitational force that is streaming entertainment has sucked me in. 

If I could, I would make SheLift the answer to eveyon's inspirational media needs. Unfortunately though, SheLift is just not big enough to be your go-to Instagram, YouTube, Podcast, TV show empire that I selfishly someday dream of it being. Instead, I want to share with you the resources that I reference for inspiration and affirmation – the things that I use as ingredients in my SheLift stew. 

One podcast in particular that I recently binge listened to (and then listened to again) is Terrible, Thanks For Asking., by Nora McInerny. 


"You know how every day someone asks “how are you?” And even if you’re totally dying inside, you just say “fine,” so everyone can go about their day? This podcast is the opposite of that. Terrible, thanks For Asking. is a funny/sad/uncomfortable podcast about talking honestly about our pain, our awkwardness, and our humanness, which is not an actual word." - Nora McInerny

What a FASCINATING concept, am I right? We are not all, always fine, yet we diminish our feelings as to not burden people with our messiness. What I've loved the most about my experience on The Bachelor and my platform today, is having the channel to celebrate my happiness, but also the ability to tell people when I am not ok. More times than not, when I tell people (in person or on social media) that I am struggling, frustrated or feeling sad, PEOPLE CAN RELATE! Shocking, right!? No, it shouldn’t be. Because we are human, and humans feel and are not always "fine." Vulnerability invites connection and it was with that discovery that I founded SheLift, and I'm guessing is the same reason Nora started Terrible, Thanks For Asking.

I will warn you, Terrible, Thanks For Asking is sad. Very sad. I’ve cried while driving listening to almost every episode. But it’s also delightful, quirky and one of the most beautiful podcasts I’ve ever laid ears on. Nora, a 30-something widow, author and honest-to-goodness mid-westerner, is one of the best storytellers I’ve come across. She’s funny and entertaining, while raw and honest. She doesn't play shrink, or a know-it all. She's just there... saying the things we're all thinking.

In an episode titled “Is it OK?” Nora recruits friends, therapists and authors to answer a question submitted by a listener; “Even though everything is OK, it’s OK to not feel OK?” The entire episode is a compilation of people calling in answering the listener's question. 

“YES it is absolutely, 100%, totally OK to not be OK.” 

“How others perceive your “being OK” should never be a measure of your personal wellness.”

“You are the ONLY person that knows how you are doing.”

...are just a few of the comments that trickle in in response. If you're interested in starting Terrible, Thanks For Asking, I think this is the episode to go with. We could all use a reminder that it’s Ok, to not be OK, and it's fine, not to be fine, but that we are all 100% deserving of being OK.

So, I'd love to know... How are you? Answer openly, we're here to listen!

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