30 Reasons Why I Love My 30's

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Photos by Dylan H. Brown

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Personally, I have loved getting older. I know a lot of twenty-somethings cringe at the idea of turning 30. For some reason, they think it means they’re decrepit old hags…. but these girls have it all wrong. Your 30’s are your BEST. Here are my top 30 reasons why, and the first is a big one.

1.) I can unapologetically drink fancy wine whenever, and wherever I want.

2.) My paycheck no longer goes to cheap makeup products, but to face creams and skin care products.

3.) I can go to bed at 8:30, and I do not care what anyone thinks.

4.) I can say no to invitations that I don’t want to go to.

5.) I wake up at 7am (or earlier) naturally.

6.) I can start my career over, and no one gets to tell me it’s a bad idea.

7.) Reality TV show binges are traded for getting outside and exercising.

8.) It’s cool to listen to French cafe music.

9.) I can enjoy looking at cookbooks and recipes with no intention of cooking.

10.) Cleaning house is a recharge.

11.) I don’t need a blackout bash to celebrate my birthday.

12.) Two friends are plenty.

13.) I can say I’m sorry.

14.) I ask for what I want.

15.) I know I’m valued.

16.) Learning gratitude.

17.) Learning forgiveness.

18.) Love is deeper.

19.) Falling in love with yourself is better.

20.) You stop wasting money on clothes at Target.

21.) Cutting diet soda drinks and not missing them.

22.) Caring less about material things.

23.) Hours spent stalking an ex online turn into hours spent searching for homes on Zillow.

24.) Going to therapy and not being ashamed of it.

25.) Prioritizing self care.

26.) Being able to afford massages more often.

28.) Self-expression isn’t about proving anything to anyone.

29.) Remembering to pay my bills before they’re overdue.

30.) Kind-of-sort-of not so afraid of 40.

So if you’re reading this and about to turn 30 and are freaking out, here’s my suggestion; order yo’self some wine from AVA Grace Vineyards, put on your cozys and settle into the comfort of knowing you are your own woman and you get to do whatever the heck you want in this life. Your 30’s will be great.

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