A Course in Confidence

Photo by  Nicole Balsamo

Today I turn 32 years old. And while in the last year I haven’t had a baby, gotten engaged or even bought a house, I do feel older - just not for the reasons you might think. 

When you become an adult, you’re supposed to get you life together - figure shit out - and be a little more responsible. This past year, I was anything but responsible. I was reckless. I figured things out on my own terms and when life threw a pile of crap at me, I learned to be resilient. I listened to my intuition - even when it refused to present clear answers. I sat with sadness, processed pain and took ownership for my actions and words. I vocalized my needs and thought really hard about what I want. I was unapologetically authentic. I disrupted my routine. I taught from a place of not knowing. I spent way more money than I should have. I zigged when others zagged and for the first time, I invested in my mental health. I sacrificed comforts for greater perspective. I ate food every day - and I didn’t punish my body for gaining a few pounds. I worked out when it felt right, I slept when I was tired and most importantly I never did what I thought others expected of me. 

I’m 32 and I’m still confused. I don’t have it figured out. I don’t have a house. Or a baby or even a husband and it’s OK. I have abundant love, experiences and greater appreciation for myself and my body than I ever thought I’d have by this point in my life.

I am launching the next chapter of my life today and there’s room for everyone to join. Starting next month, I will be leading a series of workshops designed to help women cultivate confidence and self acceptance.

After facilitating SheLift for nearly three years, I have learned that women – regardless of ability or disability – innately deserve community, confidence and vulnerability. It is in response to the overwhelming request to provide programming for women of all abilities that I am launching the Course in Confidence. It is worth noting that for now, the course is not apart of the SheLift brand. I want to preserve and respect the community we’ve built for the ladies apart of the organization. This course is a new activation that I am so thrilled to bring to cities all across the United States in partnership with some of your favorite brands!

If you’re ready to start your new year off with disruption and growth, I hope to see you’ll join. January and February dates have been added… more cities will be added each month. Be sure to subscribe to stay in the know and get updates as cities are scheduled.

See you in January!

Photo by  Nicole Balsamo
Photo by  Nicole Balsamo

About the course

Designed for women of all physical abilities. Learn to craft you life mission statement and relaunch your bad-ass-self to the world in a radically redefined way.

Join me and a group of inspired women for a day-long workshop that will challenge you to redefine the way you see yourself. This course is carefully crafted to incorporate life-coaching elements, group-led conversations and risk taking activities that empower women to step outside of their comfort zones and more fully into self-acceptance.

Included in each workshop is a boudoir inspired photoshoot with a professional female photographer that challenges women to lean into vulnerability and self-acceptance. These photos are created in a safe, loving and judgement free zone.

What to expect: reflection, creativity, community, vulnerability, risk-taking, sharing, laughing, empowerment and a photoshoot!

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