Best Road Trip Stops you NEED to Make.

Believe it or not spring is right around the corner which means you better have your summer road trips LOCKED. But if you're like me and forget to plan anything in advance and now you're like "Crap, summer is in like two minutes and I have no idea where to go because I want to go all the places!?!!!!," fear not, I am here to help.

Last summer I spent practically every waking minute roaming every US highway between Colorado and California JUST FOR YOU. I have put together the Best Summer Road Trip Stops you NEED to add to your itinerary this summer. Check out the places that made my top 10 favorites, and make them yours. String 'em together for an epic Western US tour, or pick and choose for a weekend getaway sure to boost your IG game.

1.) Canyonlands National Park, Utah

Don't be scared off by the selfie sticks and tour buses. Though crowded, this park offers PLENTY of play room for all!

Photo by  Dylan H. Brown

2.) Goblin Valley, Eastern Utah

I highly suggest refraining from taking any hallucinogens while visiting this park. Or maybe that's your thing.... either way this park is BANANAS.

Photo by  Dylan H. Brown

3.) Antelope Canyon, Arizona

Easily one of the most photographed destinations on Instagram. Easily still one of my favorite tours. 

Photo by  Dylan H. Brown

4.) Mesa Verde, Colorado

Take a trip back in time.

Photo by  Dylan H. Brown

5.) Half Dome – Yosemite, California 

If you haven't experienced the magic of Yosemite National Park, GO NOW. But book well in advance. Campgrounds and backpacking permits sell out 5 months in advance. Permits will also be needed for the Half Dome Cables portion, awarded by lottery only. With over 4M visitors a year.... may the force be with you!

Photo by  Omeed Boghraty

6.) Maroon Bells, Colorado

An iconic day hike with a jaw dropping sight for locals and visitors alike.

Photo by  Dylan H. Brown

7.) Arches National Park, Utah

Arches is a very special place to me. It was home to our SheLift retreat last fall, and is one of my favorite national parks. 

Photo by  Megan Ambrose

Photo by Megan Ambrose

8.) Ice Lakes, Colorado

All the alpine lakes your IG could dream of within one hike and less than an 2 hours from Telluride, CO. Get the trail info here.

Photo by  Dylan H. Brown

9.) Little Wild Horse Canyon, Utah

A great slot canyon for beginners! Some bouldering and water crossings included. Be prepared to be bold! Info here.

Photo by  Dylan H. Brown

10.) Bryce Canyon, Utah

Hoodie Hoo!

Photo by  Dylan H. Brown

Happy Tripping! Share your summer plans in the comments below :)