Best Skin Care Products for Winter Weather

Photos by Dylan H. Brown

When I was a kid my parents had an old cross-country stationary ski machine in our garage. In winter months, when it was too cold to play outside, the “skier” became my means of indoor entertainment. I’d strap into the skier, grab hold of the arm straps (that were way too high for me) and glide back and forth as my imagination took me to far off places. I’d imagine being an explorer in a white-out blizzard, marching forward though tundra lands looking for polar bears and treasures. Sometimes, I would pretend I was running from a polar bear just to see how fast I could glide my little feet.


This weekend, I made those childhood memories a reality – minus the bears and the stacked boxes in my garage. I strapped into a pair of nordic skies and took off for my first cross-country ski adventure in Ashcroft, CO, with visiting friends. 

The adventure ahead seemed straightforward and the recipe for fun was undeniable: friends, outdoor activity and sunshine. But like any new adventure, I was nervous to give it a go, and for good reason. Cross-country skiing is not as intuitive as you might think, especially if you’re a downhill skier like me. The skis are narrow, squirly and getting the hang of gliding your feet – straight forward – takes some practice.


The 45-degree temperatures and blue skies were a distraction from the uncoordinated attempt I was suffering from. Within about 1/4 mile, I lost track of watching my feet cross over one another, and found focus on reaching the mountains in the foreground.

After soon discovering I had over dressed for the forecast, it was time for layers to come off and SPF to go on. We pulled off the trail to have a snack and reapply sunscreen. Having relocated to Colorado about a year ago, I’ve learned the harshness of how intense the dry, winter air can be on my skin. I’m constantly lathering on moisturizers, sunscreens and masks, trying to quench my skin’s habitual thirst.


I recently discovered the unicorn of all skin care products; Aveeno’s Absolutely Ageless Day Mask SPF 30. I like to slather this all over my face when I’m adventuring outdoors because it does triple duty: it moisturizes, it’s a day mask (which means you can apply and walk out your house with is on) and it has SPF to help with my high-elevation exploration! It also smells so fresh and clean that it tricks my sweaty-self into feeling like I’m a tad cleaner than I actually am.


We finished our day with lunch on the sundeck at the Pine Creek Cookhouse – a Colorado staple – and shared our plans for future adventures. As we glided our way back to our car and headed home, I felt accomplished, exhausted and ready for some self-care.


I rewarded myself and my hard day’s work with a hot steam shower and Aveeno’s Positively Radiant 60-Second In-Shower Facial. Sometimes it's inconvenient to apply a mask, then sit around in your robe for 30 minutes while it does it's work. This mask gets the magic done in minutes and I don't have to think twice.  I love treating my body to a great workout and my skin to intense moisture. It makes me feel like my skin could #lightuptheroom – or the outdoors in my case.


You need to try my two favorite Aveeno products and give your skin a boost of radiance. You’ll thank me! To get you inspired, I’ll give away a $50 Rite Aid gift card to the person who comments with their favorite outdoor winter activity and tags 3+ friends in my Instagram post comments. I’ll announce the winner on Friday at noon. #lightuptheroom #Riteaidbeauty #ad


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