Calling all California Winos!

Do you have one of those friends who is just constantly coming up with awesome new projects or ideas and you’re just like, “hot damn, how do I become a GirlBoss innovator like you!?”

Well that’s my friend Kate, and Kate is a powerhouse. Everytime I meet her for lunch or coffee, she’s telling me about her next big idea. When I met her for lunch at The Butcher’s Daughter in venice  a little less than six months ago, I had a feeling one of those idea bombs was going to be dropped. What I didn’t expect was for Kate to tell me she was starting her second (yes second) wine distribution venture, and that it would be delivered to my doorstep before the next time I saw her. The concept is genius; a mail subscription wine membership that sends you taste-test samples of different wine. That means no commitment to the full bottle of chenin blanc that you blindly got committed to through an online quiz. That means, you get to sample multiple miniature bottles of wine before giving the final rosé. Get it?

Enter; Taste It Wines


For me, this is perfect because I LOVE wine… but I don’t really know much about wine. I know that I love wine, but I don’t really know much about choosing wine and when I end up choosing a wine I don’t like, I feel immensely remorseful for dropping $20 on a bottle that doesn’t sit well. Taste It Wines is literally the solution to all your wine commitment phobias AND it’s the best product packaging I’ve seen in a while. (I geek out on good product design). The cutest part is that the miniature sample size bottles come with miniature size wine racks!!! I’m dying with miniature overload. These bottles are the perfect size to throw in a basket for movies in the park, a concert at the Hollywood Bowl, or a rooftop sesh.


As if the whole situation couldn’t get any sweeter, Kate surprised me with the offer to curate a limited edition “Give Back Wine Box” and donate the proceeds to SheLift! The odder is runnig through this month only, so I hope you’ll all consider supporting my friend Kate in her new venture In doing so, you’ll be supporting SheLift while you sip wine. Two things you love to do already :)

The ONLY THING is that Taste It Wines is currently only shipping to CA. But that’s OK, they are growing fast and would love to hear where you’d like to have Taste It Wines shipped to in the future!

To order Taste It Wines for yourself and give back to SheLift, order from my SheLift link below, and use the promo code SHELIFT at check out and get $15 off your first order.

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Use promo code SHELIFT at checkout





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