SheLift Tough Mamas - Tough Mudder

I consider myself an active person. I love to hike, do yoga, and learn any new recreational activity that come my way. It’s not only my mission but my passion to find new activities that prove to myself, and others, what’s possible. 

However, high intensity training has neverbeen my strong suit. Every year in middle school – without fail – I was dead last to finish the timed mile run in P.E. Even to this day, I can't run 3 continuous miles to save my life. Literally. It’s not that I hate running, I’ve just never been able to build the endurance to run longer than one measly mile. 

I want to be that athlete so bad. I want to be the woman who wakes up at five a.m. to do a seven mile trail run. I want to be the woman who gets to post photos at the finish line of a marathon. But up until this moment, the minute my sneakers hit pavement, I am quickly defeated by self-limiting beliefs. 

Until my friend Debbie called me. Debbie had just lost her beloved dog Shebbie (yes, Debbie and Shebbie <3 ) and explained to me that she needed something to distract her from her grief and be able to look forward to. That’s when she dropped the Tough Mudder bomb. Debbie – who was also my personal trainer in much fitter days – is one of the few people who has a shot at talking me into something as crazy as a Tough Mudder. For the most part, Debbie knows my physical capabilities, she knows my strength, she knows my determination to conquer obstacles and she knows secretly, that I really want to conquer this.

And so, with only about 75% hesitation, I accepted Debbie’s challenge because I 100% wanted to be there for her during this time of healing – even if it means tearing my body up while crawling under barbed wire. (That’s what happens at these, right?)

I’m slightly terrified but mostly pumped to be taking on this new challenge and I’m encouraging EVERYONE to do it with us and join our team. Together, Debbie and I will be raising awareness and proceeds for SheLift and Tough Mamas through the support and sign-ups of our team. If you are interested in taking on this challenge with us, please join! Debbie and I will be sharing our journey leading up to the race - of training, tears and terror – and we’d love to see your journey, too!

To register for the SoCal Half Tough Mudder on Saturday, November 3rd. Use this link to sign up. Prices go up after May 31st, so hurry hurry! Once you’ve registered, be sure to join our team. We are the “SheLift Tough Mamas.” 

Once you’ve registered and joined our team, purchase a MAYBE YOU LITERALLY CAN EVEN or TOUGH MAMAS tank to wear on race day. That’s how everyone will know we’re the most bad-ass inspiring team at the race.

If you’d like to fundraise extra, you can join our fundraising team on Crowdrise by following the steps below. This is going to be a great way to inspire young women and girls to push past self-limiting beliefs and raise money for a great cause. Proceeds raised from our efforts will benefit applicants of our SheLift Retreats in 2019. I hope you’ll join us! 

Step 1: Register Here for the SoCal Half on 11.3.18

Step 2: Join Our Team!

Step 3: order you shirt

Step 4: Start your fundraiser

  • Click "start a campaign"

  • Select "create a campaign"

  • Set your fundraising goal and tell your story

  • Share to all your socials and email friends inviting to join our team!

I can't wait to start this journey and I really hope to see you all at the finish line with me!