Hello Beautifuls

Dear world,

I guess this is my blog! And I guess that makes me a blogger now. But not like, a "blogger," blogger, I'm a cool blogger. I'll explain why below. Think of this blog as more of an extension of my Instagram posts. A smattering of pretty photos, adventure stories and lessons I've learned in life that I hope can inspire you. 

What you won’t find on this blog: 
My beauty regimen, make up tutorials, my eating plan, my tricks for a bangin' beach bod, my secrets for “getting the guy,” my steps for climbing the corporate ladder.

What you will find on this blog:
Why I don't have a beauty regimen, an eating plan, beach bod or tricks and tips for landing the guy or job, for better or worse. I’ll share with you some of the things I like to eat, and the workouts that make me stronger mentally and physically and the trips and adventures I go on. I’ll share with you the activities that bring me joy, but mostly I’ll share tips with you about the importance of self-acceptance, self-care, self-love, creativity and vulnerability. I’ll share some of my favorite quotes, poems and authors that have helped change my thought process. I’ll introduce you to my friends and the role models who’ve helped me find the best version of me. You’ll also find a little bit of homework from time to time. Why? Because if we’re all on a journey of healing and self-love, we have to put in some work.

I’m not writing this blog to change you or improve you, or teach you how to be me. I’m writing this blog to help you love yourself as you are, right now. Here are a couple disclaimers I feel necessary to share with you.

1.) I am not an expert.
Sometimes I like thinking I am; ask my sister, my parents, my boyfriend. The truth is I'm not an expert, unless I am, but usually I'm not. I’m not pretending to have all of life’s answers, latest beauty trends or travel secrets. I’ve traveled outside the US fewer times than I have fingers – something I hope to change soon. I'm not a fashion blogger, I'm not a brilliant chef, foodie, or personal trainer. I know how to get myself dressed on most necessary occasions, but mostly I just copy what I see everyone else wearing or default to leggings. The only thing I know how to cook from memory is lasagna, and unless my trainer is standing with an ax above my head, I can’t force myself to do sit-ups and I’m not going to force you either. I like getting outside, getting lost and getting carried away.

I like the things I like, and I like sharing them with you. 

2.) I am imperfect.
Just like you, I am wired for struggle but I’m doing my best to navigate life each day. I know I’m also pretty smart, fun to be around and talented but even still, I have bad days. I have moments of self-doubt and at worst, I go four to five days without washing my hair – which can be pretty liberating depending on how you look at it. I’m a pretty vulnerable person (good for you) and I’m learning that my imperfections are not flaws; they’re gifts that make me, me. The last thing I want anyone who reads this blog or follows me on Instagram to think is that I lead a perfectly happy, picturesque life, free of worry or fear. I’m human and that’s how I’m going to stay.

3.) This is not a Bachelor blog.
There will come a time I share my Bachelor story in great detail on this blog. I think it’s necessary as my experiences (and now five years) in the Bachelor family have greatly made me the person I am today. My “journey" to find love is my favorite love story of all time and it deserves to be shared. My journey led me here and it likely lead you here, too, which I am forever grateful for. But if you came to get the Bachelor dish, you’re probably not going to find what you’re looking for. It’s not because I’m trying to separate myself from my Bachelor past, it’s simply because I think we have more important things to talk about than who’s hooking up with who – like who you should be hooking up with.

Similar to charting into any unknown territory I’m a little nervous, slightly overwhelmed, but mostly excited to be heading into Blogger Land for the first time. Thank you for joining me on this awesome adventure!


Photo by Dylan. H. Brown