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No Barriers Summit: Women's Round Table Panel

Women’s Roundtable Panel

Moderator: Tonya Dalton

Panelist 1: Sarah Herron

Panelist 2: Marshawn Evans Daniels

Panelist 3: Dorothy Beal

What is your vision? Join a panel of inspiring women that will help you discover your purpose, hone in on your vision, and lead a fulfilling life.

This panel will be moderated by Inkwell Press founder, Tonya Dalton (@inkWELLPress), who is a productivity expert that will help you to realize the important tasks in your life, and to let go of unimportant tasks.

Panelists include Sarah Herron (@SarahHerron), who gained her notoriety on ABC’s The Bachelor for being the first contestant with a physical disability, and is the founder of SheLift, which offers once-in-a-lifetime experiential retreats for girls with physical differences.

Sarah will be joined by Marshawn Evans Daniels (@MarshawnEvans), who earned her fame on NBC’s The Apprentice, as well as Miss America, will lead you to live your life without limits, realize your true purpose, and to Believe Bigger.

Dorothy Beal, creator of the I RUN THIS BODY (@IRunThisBody) brand and creator and contributor of the blog MilePosts (@MilePosts), will be joining this amazing group of women and inspiring you to be your best self.

This panel will conclude with a hands on activity that will help you use your newfound skills and discover your potential!