Take a Course in Confidence.

Wellness workshops and retreats for the modern woman rooted in connection, body positivity and risk taking.


Become unapologetically you.


About the Course


Step into self-acceptance

This 3-part course is designed to help women identify, navigate and change the narrative identity we’ve come to believe about our lives.

Take a deep-dive look into your past to identify the root of hurt, insecurities and self-limiting behaviors. Learn how to change the plot and your mindset.

Discover and believe that you are deserving and worthy of feeling seen.


Strip it all back…

Confront fear in the face with a body positive photoshoot that empowers and inspires.

To support your learnings and step-into self acceptance, each course culminates with an empowering body-positive photoshoot. This photoshoot is designed to help women see themselves for who they truly, unapologetically are.


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Dates & Locations

Courses will resume end of summer 2019!

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Do I have to do the photoshoot?
The body-positive photoshoot is the culmination of this course. If you feel you are not prepared to take that risk, this course might not be for you.

Will my photos be shared online?
By participating in the photoshoot, there is potential your photos will be included in my social media, on my website and in Course marketing materials online.

Why are these sponsored by brands?
I strongly believe in supporting brands and organizations that are furthering the body positive movement. Partnering with like-minded brands, amplifies our impact and visibility for women of all body types.

Can confidence really be gained in a day?
No. Confidence is not something you can magically gain in a day. You will only get from this course what you are willing and able to put into it. This course will kick start your ability to be the strongest, most self-loving woman you are already capable of being.