Sarah Herron

Take a Course in Confidence.

Starting in 2019



Become unapologetically you.



About the course

Designed for women of all physical abilities. Learn to craft you life mission statement and relaunch your bad-ass-self to the world in a radically redefined way.

Join me and a group of inspired women for a day-long workshop that will challenge you to redefine the way you see yourself. This course is carefully crafted to incorporate life-coaching elements, group-led conversations and risk taking activities that empower women to step outside of their comfort zones and more fully into self-acceptance.

Included in each workshop is a boudoir inspired photoshoot with a professional female photographer that challenges women to lean into vulnerability and self-acceptance. These photos are created in a safe, loving and judgement free zone.

What to expect: reflection, creativity, community, vulnerability, risk-taking, sharing, laughing, empowerment and a photoshoot!



Craft your life mission statement.


Lean into risk-taking and vulnerability.


Debut your new-found confidence and self-love.


Take a course that will change yours.


Upcoming Dates


More dates and cities will be added each month.



“I am not the same person I was who walked through those doors on the first day. The mentorship provided allowed me to come to terms with things that I had put off and was not willing to accept for years. The relationships I built with all of the women was unfathomable. Everyone was so genuine, open, vulnerable, raw, and supportive of one another.”



“I’m pretty awkward when it comes to being photographed […] I’m still working on body stuff. So when Sarah Herron shared that we could be photographed in our swimsuits, I thought about it before I decided to do it. When I saw our photos, joy was the first word that came to mind.”



“I always find it hard in LA to meet and make genuine connections with like-minded women and especially entrepreneurs.  This was an awesome experience to get out of my shell and force myself to creatively express myself to a group of new friends.”