Sarah Herron

Fertility Support

For IVF, pregnancy loss, fetal diagnoses, ending a wanted pregnancy and postpartum

This is why I’m here—to do this work. As painful and ugly as it is. Infertility is messy and it can rip you apart, yet it's an important part of your experience as a parent and it will change you forever.

Whether you want to vent, cry, seek advice, or have someone to connect with and hold you emotionally during this rollercoaster time, I would love to make myself available during your journey. 

To my infertility warriors and loss moms, I would be honored to hold space for you and support you.

You deserve to feel more in control of your physical and mental health surrounding your fertility journey 

If you are in your IVF journey, or have experienced a recent pregnancy loss, fetal diagnosis or have had to interrupt a wanted pregnancy—I am here for you. 

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I was 24 weeks pregnant when our world got turned upside down. Oliver, our IVF miracle, had defied so many odds and fought through so many milestones to be here, but the higher powers had other plans for the three of us.

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WHat I help with


IVF support + coaching

Imagine going through IVF and having your BFF to provide knowledgeable guidance and support the whole way.


Mamas after miscarriage

You don't have to experience this alone. I am here to help you on your healing journey after infertility or loss.


Fertility resiliency

I would love to help you find the meaning in your journey.

– Provide knowledgeable guidance and support
– Provide non-biased support during the IVF, pregnancy loss, and postpartum periods
– Unlimited texting access during IVF cycles
– Emotional support surrounding pregnancy after loss
– Help you sift through information overload
– Support your physical and emotional healing and well-being
– Provide resources that have helped me
– Help you emotionally process everything you're dealing with
– Encourage you to seek self-care & medical care that reflects your values and needs
– Referrals for additional support such as therapists, photographers, financial assistance, counseling, postpartum support, support groups, and more
– Farewell Ceremonies Resources (ways to say goodbye)
– Remembrance, Keepsake assistance, Birth and Bereavement Announcements

– Diagnose medical conditions
– Interpret medical diagnoses or clinical results
– Prescribe or administer treatment of medical conditions
– Perform clinical procedures
– Prescribe, perform, or provide alternative/complementary therapies
– Make parenting or infant care choices or decisions

What I do:

What I don't do:


You have received an infertility diagnosis, have recently experienced a pregnancy loss or are newly pregnant after loss.

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Jenna Kutcher
— Digital Marketer, Podcaster, Author

“She promotes confidence with honesty."

Sarah exemplifies the direction I hope we, as women, are headed. She promotes confidence with honesty and inspires other women to own their worth and to show up in their most authentic way!

- Jenna

Michelle Bielas — MediaKix Influencer Marketing

"Sarah is absolutely amazing to work with!"

She is quick to respond, collaborative, passionate and authentic which gives us confidence when we recommend her for brand partnerships. Her content always displays the same amount of care and genuine personality whether it's organic or produced for a brand!

- Michelle

Sarah Herron fully embodies what it means to be a powerful, confident, authentic woman. When working with Sarah on Summersalt's Power Suits campaign to empower women on their own terms. Working with Sarah is a no brainer. I would encourage brands to begin a long term partnership with her. We hope to continue to work with Sarah for many years to come! 

Reshma Chattaram Chamberlin - CBO and Co-Founder, Summersalt

"Sarah was extremely responsive, easy to work with, and creative in our collaboration process."

- Reshma