I am a creative storyteller at heart, and before my days on The Bachelor, or Instagram, I was a commercial TV maker in advertising.

I spent my days creating content for household name brands like Target, Adidas, Coors Light and more.

Today, I get to travel the world, partnering with organizations and brands to share my experiences, the causes, people and stories I care about through my writing, photography and filmmaking.


Dead Last was created with support from REI

Having been born without the lower part of her left arm, 26-year-old Kaitlin Heatherly had never considered her potential as a world champion rock climber, let alone much outside of her comfort. But after attending a SheLift retreat for women with physical differences in Moab, and the encouragement of paraclimbing mentors, Kaitlin discovered her latent talent and passion for the sport. Within 5 months of training, Kaitlin entered herself into the national paraclimbing competition, placing her into the world championships. This is a story that follows an unassuming athlete's journey to worlds and the impact that community and recreation can have on one’s self-esteem.

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