I'm a Colorado native, lover of the outdoors, and lover of keeping it real. Wanting to find love, I signed up to become a bachelorette on ABC’s The Bachelor. Although I didn’t find love on the show, I realized, that before all else, I needed to love myself.

I'm a creative director, workshop facilitator, storyteller, mentor and an avid outdoorsgirl. I was also born without the lower half of my left arm but it hasn't stoped me from much. I ski, SUP, climb, camp and shavasana. I do everything in the pursuit of showing women what's possible - despite our limiting beliefs.

I believe power is found through vulnerability and sharing. I have been known to be unapologetically transparent in sharing my thoughts, my self-talk and my victories. My hope is to empower and inspire women to connect and find safety in risk taking and vulnerability.

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