Sarah Herron


Are you looking for a place to give and receive empowerment? A place to connect deeply with women all across the world who are experiencing similar circumstances and learnings? I have created the Self Love Club to be a private, safe, online community for women to share, empower and stay connected. By joining the Self Love Club, you’ll get exclusive access to my events, lessons, courses, retreats, SWAG and more.



Here’s how to join:

  1. Subscribe to my mailing list. I promise only to ever email you with really important things – never spam.

  2. After subscribing, you will automatically be sent a link to join my private Facebook group.

  3. Answer the questions for approval, and you’re in!

The only rules:

  1. You must lead with love.

    Please be sure to share love, share likes share motivation for all who share in the group.

  2. You must introduce yourself!

    Please be sure to share a selfie or photos from your life with a short bio. I would love to get to see the faces of all who join my group (as would the other members)!


Let’s do this!