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Things NOT to say to someone experiencing infertility or pregnancy loss

There are just some things you shouldn’t say… 😉

selfie of girlfriends on a ski lift chair together

How To Support a Friend Going Through Infertility, IVF or Pregnancy Loss

The general takeaway is that there is no right way, and there’s no wrong way to show up as a friend, just show up.

Here are the top 20 ways to support your friend.

A bottle of Alpha Lipoic Acid

Take These IVF Supplements for Improved Egg Quality

These are the supplements I have been taking throughout my IVF journey.

Choosing a Prenatal Vitamin

Regardless of when you start, prenatals are essential for getting the nutrients recommend for before, during, and after pregnancy.

Do I Need To Take The Modern Fertility Test?

Learn if the Modern Fertility test is right for you. Get $20 off your kit when you use the link in this post!


The Best Roadtrips of The West

THe best
Road tRips in the west

To spark your wanderlust and help script your next route. Here are my top five favorite road trips of the West.

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