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Things NOT to say to someone experiencing infertility or pregnancy loss

There are just some things you shouldn’t say… 😉

a woman wearing disposable diapers stands in the bathroom mirror after pregnancy loss

How To Support a Friend Going Through Infertility, IVF or Pregnancy Loss

The general takeaway is that there is no right way, and there’s no wrong way to show up as a friend, just show up.

Here are the top 20 ways to support your friend.

Take These IVF Supplements for Improved Egg Quality

These are the supplements I have been taking throughout my IVF journey.

Choosing a Prenatal Vitamin

Regardless of when you start, prenatals are essential for getting the nutrients recommend for before, during, and after pregnancy.

Do I Need To Take The Modern Fertility Test?

Learn if the Modern Fertility test is right for you. Get $20 off your kit when you use the link in this post!