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Take These IVF Supplements for Improved Egg Quality


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Hi, I'm Sarah

This post should not be interpreted as medical advice. 

This post is a quick list of all the supplements I have been taking throughout my IVF journey. The general gist of most of these supplements is to aid in cellular function and repair. Please research each thoroughly so you understand the function and role of each. I learned about most of these supplements through the book It Starts With The Egg, and as recommended by my REI.

The book cover of It Starts With The EggI can not stress enough the importance of consulting your medical provider or a pharmacist about these supplements. There are some not-so-obvious risks that can accompany some of these when mixed with other medications like blood thinners and anti-depressants. You can read more about this in my post Fertility Supplements; Where To Get Started. I also strongly recommend doing a complete blood panel for vitamin deficiencies so you can adequately adjust your dose. Lastly, consider testing for the MTHFR gene. If you have this gene, your body processes folic acid differently, so you may need to supplement with a different form of the vitamin or with additional folate.

*Please understand that my recommendation does not guarantee results. This list is based on research I have done and consultation I have received from medical advisors based on my own needs and conditions.
**I have linked directly to the brands I use. It’s important to use third-party tested supplements and try not to buy generic or from Costco if possible.
***Please note some of these supplements should be discontinued prior to embryo transfer.

Without further ado, here are the supplements I take daily for improved ovarian function:

Prenatal Vitamin


Ubiquinol (this is the concentrated form of CoQ10)

Vitamin E


Vitamin C (extra potent)

Omega Curcumin (discontinue after egg retrieval / before embryo transfer)


Vitamin D3

Alpa Lipoic Acid (or R-Lipoic Acid)

I keep everything organized in a pill organizer like this one from Amazon

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