I'm a Colorado native, lover of the outdoors, and lover of keeping it real. Wanting to find love, I signed up to become a bachelorette on ABC’s The Bachelor. Although I didn’t find love on the show, I realized, that before all else, I needed to love myself.

I'm a creative director, workshop facilitator, storyteller, mentor and an avid outdoorsgirl. I was also born without the lower half of my left arm but it hasn't stoped me from much. I ski, SUP, climb, camp and shavasana. I do everything in the pursuit of showing women what's possible - despite our limiting beliefs.

I believe power is found through vulnerability and sharing. I have been known to be unapologetically transparent in sharing my thoughts, my self-talk and my victories. My hope is to empower and inspire women to connect and find safety in risk taking and vulnerability.


“Authenticity is more than posting the unedited, unfiltered photos on our feed. Sarah Herron is a self-proclaimed authenticity advocate who believes sharing her truth, even talking about the tough stuff out loud, can help other women feel like they aren’t alone. This chat gets real and raw about her time on The Bachelor and how it was a catalyst for starting her nonprofit. This girl is THE example of finding positivity and purpose in challenging times.” - Jenna Kutcher



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Over the years, society has tried to break down our confidence—telling us that summer is about skimpy swimsuits, flawless appearances, and impossible beauty standards.

Summersalt's Power Suits Capsule Features 5 Swimsuits Designed To Make You Feel Strong (& Stylish)