Sarah Herron


Where do I begin?

I'm so much more than "Sarah from The Bachelor"

I'm two years in to IVF treatment, I'm engaged to my soulmate — but we have no plans for a wedding anytime soon. I'm a number 4 on the enneagram; Fours are self-aware, sensitive, and reserved. They are emotionally honest, creative, and personal, but can also be moody and self-conscious—that's me to a tee. My basic fear in life: that I will have no identity or personal significance. My basic desire: to evolve and redefine my self-expression overtime.

In 2023, I became a mama to a little boy born at 24 weeks named Oliver.

There simply are no words for the magnitude of pain you experience when losing a child. It's messy and it rips you apart, yet it's an important part of your experience as a parent and it will change you forever. I know my life’s purpose is to nurture, to mother, and to heal… I have to believe that my journey to motherhood is elevating me into a higher level of that purpose. It's why I’m here—to do this work. As fucking painful and ugly as it is.

My fiancé, Dylan and Me

I'm an art director by trade, a mom-in-the-making, an adventure enthusiast, and a mental health advocate.

I'm a 3x IVf Warrior + LOSS MAMA to a 24 week old boy


I founded a non-profit called SheLift

I went to school for graphic design, and worked for 10 years in advertising


You Should Probably Know...

I WAS BORN WITHOUT MY LEFT ARM, but it hasn't stopped me from much

All about

trying new things, tidy spaces, and reality TV.

Not about

Comfort zones or cancel culture.



I was born!

Graduated  from Otis College of Art and Design

Worked at 72andSunny for 8 years

Founded SheLift

Found love!

Started IVF Journey

Bachelor Season 17


Traveled a ton!

Summited Mount Kilimanjaro



Bachelor In Paradise S1

Bachelor In Paradise S3

Introverted kid with love for art and NSync

My journey!

My great loves in life

My pit-cattle dog Rio!

Dylan H. Brown, the love of my life. We met first as creative collaborators, but fell in love and decided to start a life together!

Honestly, my iphone camera

Can't go wrong wih a margarita

A good adventure Hat. Ohhh, the hats I've owned

Skiing Aspen Highlands

Clean skincare

Think well get along?

Join me on an adventure!

One of my greatest passions is bringing women together for experiences that push them out of their comfort zone. I thrive in facilitating adventures that create intimate connection and growth for women over shared life experiences.

My Passion