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The worst club, with the best members.

A safe space to give and get support

“Vulnerability is not winning or losing; it’s having the courage to show up and be seen when we have no control over the outcome. Vulnerability is not weakness; it’s our greatest measure of courage.”

 - Brené Brown

Introducing The Infertile Circle

Imagine having BFF's who are also going through IVF on speed-dial?

The Infertile Circle is a private, virtual, peer support program that meets 1x week for 6 consecutive weeks. Group size is limited to ensure a safe space where meaningful relationships can form and everyone feels heard.

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Upcoming Sessions:

January 17th - Feb 21st
Wednesdays Mid-day @ 10am PST/1pm EST

In this program

You will:

+ Hear from other women in similar experiences

+ Give and get support

+ participate in meaningful conversation

+ Form impactful relationships

+ Exclusive group text thread

+ Have 24/7 text or email support w/ Sarah

+ 1-on-1 calls w/ Sarah

+ Access to private FB group

What's it like?

We talk about all the things that our friends who aren't struggling to get pregnant just don't understand. Like how to deal with Toxic Positivity, set healthy boundaries around pregnant friends. We're there for one another during times of anxiety or uncertainty, and instill friendship, optimism and hope in one another. We share experiences, perspectives and resources. It's a time to give and get support that no one else has been able to offer. 

Investment: $350

It's like girl's night with women who just "get it."

Women who have received a fertility diagnosis or are trying to get pregnant using ART. Women who have experienced recurrent IVF cycle failure, are TTC after loss, are pursuing surrogacy, egg/embryo donor conception and/or adoption. This program is for women who are looking to give and get support.

Lurkers or individuals who are not comfortable contributing to the sharing process. This group is not a good fit for individuals who have not received an infertility diagnosis from a doctor.

This is a peer support group. The benefits and results of this program rely on everyone's participation and contribution. I kick off each group meeting with a specific discussion or topic, but really, the floor is yours! Bring your peaks, valley and questions!

Who is this group for:

Who is this group not for:

Meeting structure:

Before Applying; review the following


Confirm your availability

This group will only meet by Zoom a total of 5 times. Please make sure you are able to be present on those dates. I want you to get the most out of our time together.


Read the group rules

This is designed to be a safe space. Please make sure you are able to comply with the rules, and can agree to being a supportive, open-minded friend for others.


Understand the enrollment fee

Enrollment is based on application review. Enrollment fee is due upon application acceptance.


You are looking for more customized emotional support, or the group setting isn't where you feel most comfortable yet.

Book a discovery call

Looking for something more one-on-one?

I would be honored to walk this path with you. To ensure this is a good fit for both of us, let's hop on a brief call to get acquainted.

**This group is safe and accepting of all ALL mamas, including those who have had to make the difficult decision to end their pregnancies. If this is not a decision you can support, this group is probably not a good fit. 

Please read the Group Rules

Please read the Group Rules

**This group is safe and accepting of all ALL mamas, including those who have had to make the difficult decision to end their pregnancies. If this is not a decision you can support, this group is probably not a good fit. 

1. You must introduce yourself in our Infertile Circle, and be an active participant.
Introduce yourself when you get access to the private Facebook group. Lurkers make people uncomfortable. Only active Facebook profiles are approved to join the group.

2. This is a support group. Be nice. It’s also private.  I hope it’s obvious that this means no sharing what you read here, no screenshots, no exceptions! We’re all here to get or give support. Please, no comparing stories, diagnoses or medical advice. Always be considerate; many of our members have had very recent losses or are cycle failures. Never screenshot or share what you see in this group.

3. Always use appropriate trigger warnings when necessary, and place sensitive images in the comments of a Facebook post. If you wish to share a personal image, please consider the way it might affect those who see it. If it's potentially triggering, please use a brief description of any images in the original post so our members can decide if they want to see the images. For example; images of living children, pregnancy tests, embryos, etc. Any post in violation of any rule listed below will be deleted without explanation.

4. No fundraising, sales or self-promotion of any kind. Period.

5. This group does not provide medical advice. Please do not ask for or offer medical advice here. Posts deemed as medical advice will be removed. While I understand what a difficult and confusing physical process starting a family through ART can be, this is an emotional support group first and foremost and is not equipped to discuss the finer medical points of the experience. Please direct medical questions and concerns to qualified professionals.

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The Infertile Circle and its Facebook group are not a substitute for medical advice or professional fertility treatments. The group aims to provide support, and strategies to enhance emotional well-being, community connection and coping strategies for your IVF, loss, and pregnancy after loss journey. This group CANNOT and will not diagnose medical conditions, interpret medical diagnoses or clinical results, prescribe or administer treatment of medical conditions, perform clinical procedures, perform or provide alternative/complementary therapies, or make parenting or infant care choices or decisions. It's important to consult with medical professionals for personalized advice regarding fertility and reproductive health.