Sarah Herron


More than just an influencer

Before I was an influencer, I was an award-winning art director in the advertising industry. Today, help brand of all sizes and budgets achieve maximum reach and results.

I have over 15 years of experience in helping brands and small businesses reach new audiences.

I work with entrepreneurs, start-ups, and small businesses to help their brands reach broader audiences through relevant content and engaging activations.

— Social Media Partnerships

— Business Coaching for Entreprenuers

— Community development

I specialize in:

— Event Planning

My Specialties

Brand Partnerships

Looking to reach a larger audience? I collaborate with like-minded brands to create unique storytelling moments shared exclusively to my platforms.

Event & Travel Hosting

I work with travel services and organizations to help connect like-minded people through travel experiences and retreats.

Business Coaching

Ready to take the next leap? I coach entrepreneurs and individuals looking to accelerate their new business ideas, and tap into their entrepreneurial power

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Awards and Recognition

Brand Activations

Want to host your dream retreat?

Retreats are the best way to foster community for your brand and build meaningful connection. I work with brands and travel companies to host adventure trips, retreats & experiences. Let me help you curate, execute and facilitate your dream retreat.

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Awards and Recognition

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Jenna Kutcher
— Digital Marketer, Podcaster, Author

“She promotes confidence with honesty."

Sarah exemplifies the direction I hope we, as women, are headed. She promotes confidence with honesty and inspires other women to own their worth and to show up in their most authentic way!

- Jenna

MIchelle Bielas — MediaKix Influencer Marketing

"Sarah is absolutely amazing to work with!"

She is quick to respond, collaborative, passionate and authentic which gives us confidence when we recommend her for brand partnerships. Her content always displays the same amount of care and genuine personality whether it's organic or produced for a brand!

- Michelle

Sarah Herron fully embodies what it means to be a powerful, confident, authentic woman. When working with Sarah on Summersalt's Power Suits campaign to empower women on their own terms. Working with Sarah is a no brainer. I would encourage brands to begin a long term partnership with her. We hope to continue to work with Sarah for many years to come! 

Reshma Chattaram Chamberlin - CBO and Co-Founder, Summersalt

"Sarah was extremely responsive, easy to work with, and creative in our collaboration process."

- Reshma