Helping you tap into your entrepreneurial super power is my expertise!

 Business Coaching for Entrepreneurs

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Desiring and achieving your creative potential and success is exciting! ...and can be overwhelming. Having an experienced, trust worthy and invested partner is critical to the development of your vision, but not everyone has that partner in their new venture. Working with me, you will learn practical and easy-to-implement strategies that will support you in realizing your entrepreneurial super powers! 

— Mentorship on exploring what's next for you
— Get clarity on your vision and goals
— Expert advice on growing your business from inception
— Assistance with growth, goals and business development
— Stay accountable and motivated
— Constructive guidance on strengths and weaknesses
— Receive mentorship in taping into creativity
— Receive unbiased viewpoint
— Get constructive criticism
— Guidance on removing mental roadblocks
— Recommendations on new methods or plans
— Acquiring new networking opportunities

Why A Business Coach?


Have the motivation, and are ready to take action. You must be ready to do the work and swing big!

Awards and Recognition

Awards and Recognition

Hear from my partners

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Jenna Kutcher
— Digital Marketer, Podcaster, Author

“She promotes confidence with honesty."

Sarah exemplifies the direction I hope we, as women, are headed. She promotes confidence with honesty and inspires other women to own their worth and to show up in their most authentic way!

- Jenna

MIchelle Bielas — MediaKix Influencer Marketing

"Sarah is absolutely amazing to work with!"

She is quick to respond, collaborative, passionate and authentic which gives us confidence when we recommend her for brand partnerships. Her content always displays the same amount of care and genuine personality whether it's organic or produced for a brand!

- Michelle

Sarah Herron fully embodies what it means to be a powerful, confident, authentic woman. When working with Sarah on Summersalt's Power Suits campaign to empower women on their own terms. Working with Sarah is a no brainer. I would encourage brands to begin a long term partnership with her. We hope to continue to work with Sarah for many years to come! 

Reshma Chattaram Chamberlin - CBO and Co-Founder, Summersalt

"Sarah was extremely responsive, easy to work with, and creative in our collaboration process."

- Reshma