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Preparing for Winter Roads: Where to Buy Snow Tires



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Sponsored post by SimpleTire

Let’s be honest, winter can be intimidating. Icy roads, long night drives, and the pressures to join friends for a ski weekend can all be overwhelming. So much so, that sometimes I feel like I’d rather just wrap myself up in a blanket and watch reruns of Friends.

But I have chosen to live in Colorado for a reason. After all, I learned to love the outdoors through skiing. It might just be my number one sport. So then, how do I safely get from my apartment to the ski slope, while also fostering confidence to do so? Simple: tires.

Snow tires to be specific. And they make a huge difference! Rubber compounds in winter tires don’t get as hard as summer tires, keeping them grippy no matter the temperature. They also don sipes, which grip ice better. And finally, which is important on powder days, a good winter tire will have a snow groove (or two), which channels the snow, allowing for “snow-on-snow” grip.

And now you’re asking, “That’s all fine and dandy, but where do I go about buying these so-called ‘snow tires’?”


For my last purchase, I chose to go with SimpleTire. Their interactive website can help you every step of the way, from finding the right tire to purchasing it and even scheduling and prepaying for an installation at a local tire shop. It’s as simple as plugging in your car make and model, and down comes a list of compatible tires chosen specifically for you based on factors like your vehicle and where you live. It also recommends a few top choices for your vehicle, from the tire your car came from to top deals or what other people around you might be buying. As the name implies, Simple, right?

Growing up in Colorado I have been aware of tires. My step-dad is a car aficionado and would always put winter tires on my vehicles. He would chat my ear about what this did and what that did. I couldn’t quite keep up, but I do recall the importance of snow tires. And some of his favorite brands still stand out to me today. Pirelli was one of those brands. When their high-awarded Scorpion tire popped up on my list, it was a no-brainer, I was getting those.

As a woman who used to rely on her dad to do all the vehicle maintenance, including tire shopping, shopping for winter tires by myself was empowering. For so long I’ve put car stuff up on a pedestal, too high for me to reach. But once I sat down, scrolled through, it became obvious: This is a task for anyone. They give you the insights you need to make it EASY. And I left my computer feeling confident in my purchase, and excited for the winter to come.

Since my purchase from SimpleTire, the first storm has hit Colorado. Dylan always says it’s the first and last storm that are the most dangerous. We were prepared. We even took the truck out for a spin, testing out the tires, and taking in the winter sights. It was beautiful, but truth be told, it was kind of scary. It was a quick reminder of how different the roads become, and how quickly a fun situation can turn bleak. We saw several vehicles off the road, and we had to remind ourselves to drive completely differently. Afterall, good snow tires are not a replacement for defensive driving, although they certainly make winter driving a LOT safer.

Make an Emergency “Blizzard Bag”

Which gets me to my next point: I like to be prepared. I like to be safe. I always do my best to minimize risks, but accidents do happen. And sometimes those are out of my control. Beyond just preparing my vehicle for winter, I believe it’s important to have a contingency plan as well. Winter is cold, sometimes I venture deep into the backcountry alone, and if I break down, or get stuck, I don’t want a small inconvenience to turn into a life-or-death situation.

Here’s a list of items I always have in my car to make sure that doesn’t happen:

  • Sleeping bag

  • Down jacket

  • Gloves

  • Wool socks

  • Flashlight

  • Hand warmers

  • First aid kit

  • Winter Boots

Ski season is just around the corner. For some of us, that means long drives. For others, that means adventurous backroad driving. Either way, it’s important to know what lies ahead. Always check the forecast, local road conditions (and restrictions), and tell someone outside of your party where you are headed.

Be safe, and I hope to see you on the hill!


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