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Hi, I'm Sarah

Princesses can wear hiking boots, too!

When I was in high school I was teased for once bringing my silk pillowcase on a camping trip with friends. I am categorically speaking, a bit of a “princess.” No surprise there, but for a long time “backpacking” and “Sarah Herron” just weren’t concepts that belonged in the same sentence together.

TBH, I was always kind of afraid to get into backpacking. It meant stepping out of my comfort zone and away from the comfort of a silk pillowcase. But as I started to build up the muscle for car camping, I eventually warmed up to the idea of roughing it in the wilderness. After my first backpacking trip a few summers ago, I realized how empowering it actually was! To be able to carry everything I needed to survive for a few days ON MY BACK was impressive, and gratifying! And slowly, over the years, I’ve learned how to pack even less and more efficiently. I learned that you can be a princess AND be a backpacker. You can have the things you love – even while stepping away from them occasionally. Plus, it makes coming home to that silk pillow that much better.

Learn more about Missouri Lakes here.

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