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What To Do In Bozeman, MT



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Photos by Dylan H. Brown

Sponsored by Delta Airlines

This summer, Dylan and I attended a whopping THREE weddings back to back – one of which took us to Dylan’s old stomping grounds in Helena, Montana. Thanks to Delta Air Lines, we were able to fly from Aspen to Bozeman no problem-o.

We had amazing adventures during our stay in Montana, and the sweetest part of all was that Delta was able to bring us closer to the people who have shaped Dylan into the person he is today. Being able to meet an entire legion of new people this summer has made all the wedding season work worth it. 

I wanted to share my trip highlights through Montana, for your next trip to Bozeman. Be sure to book your trip on for the most flights per day into Bozeman, MT.

1. Stroll through Downtown Bozeman

When you arrive in Bozeman airport, you’ll be blown away by the expansive rolling landscape. Montana is called Big Sky Country for a reason and you’ll immediately understand why. Be sure to head to Downtown Bozeman for a stroll down Main Street. Grab a bison burger at Ted’s Montana Grill, wander through the historic Baxter Hotel, or grab a huckleberry ice cream from the Genuine Ice Cream airstream trailer.




2. Take a soak in White Sulphur Springs spa

From Bozeman, you can easily rent a car and make a short, 4 hour road trip up to Helena, MT and home to the Rocky Mountain Front. About half way to Helena, make a pit stop in the town of White Sulphur Springs for a soak in the legendary motel spa. This place is FUNKY and Instagram gold 😉 




3. Hike the Rocky Mountain Front and Sawtooth Ridge

Stay for a night or two in Helena, MT because you’ll want a full day (or two) to explore the Rocky Mountain Front. Dylan’s best friends Morgan and Lori hosted us on our excursion up to the front (about an hour drive from Helena). It was so fun hiking and chatting with these old friends of Dylan’s – who quickly became mine. We four wheeled up to the top of a mesa and took in the geological wonder. Seriously, this landscape was insane! Across the way, we had spectacular views of Sawtooth Ridge – another great adventure option if you are looking for something more strenuous, and multi-day. On your way out of the front, be sure to stop at the Gibson Reservoir Damn – this pour over is EPIC!





4. Visit a saloon in Augusta, MT

Half way from Helena to the Rocky Mountain Front is a small town called Augusta. Blink and you’ll surely miss it, but this old, western town is a slice out of a movie. The one stop-light town is lined with antique shops, saloons and vintage memorabilia. Grab a beer and pull some slot machines in the saloon, aptly named “Western Bar.” The restrooms in this bar are converted outhouses, and mounted fish decorate the walls. Honestly, it’s quite magical and transports you to a different world.




All in all, we had an amazing trip to Montana. We adventured, we got funky, we partied and we got to connect with people who matter most. If you’re still in the throes of wedding season, consider the relationships and experiences Delta can bring you closer to.

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