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Product Review; Fido Pro—The Dog Rescue Harness



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When disaster strikes, would you be prepared to self-rescue your dog? I know for me, the answer is… “probably not.” I frequently hike solo with Rio, but weighing in at 50lbs., I wouldn’t be able to carry him out of a bad situation even if it was only a few hundred yards. I hate the thought of something bad happening, and me not being able to support the situation.

So when I started receiving targeted ads for the Fido Pro Airlift Rescue Sling, I didn’t hesitate making the purchase. Honestly, it was the most strategic targeted ad I‘ve ever received.

Fido Pro puts emergency response within easy reach. Because anything can happen on your outdoor adventures. Heat exhaustion, a sudden fall, injured paw, broken bone, snake bite or even a wild animal encounter. Fido Pro claims that their gear is “designed and tested to withstand the most epic adventures, but could save the day even if you’re only a mile from the trailhead.” So I had to give it a try before finding myself in a scenario where it’s needed and I don’t know how to use it.

The original rescue sling weighs just 8-9.5 ounces and folds up neatly into a small stuff sack. Fits medium to extra-large dogs. Simple to use, easy to pack and designed to live in your backpack with your emergency kit.

The Airlift by Fido Pro Emergency Dog Rescue Sling—$75.00

The Airlift is a lightweight, packable rescue sling designed so you can efficiently carry your dog if they become injured or sick while you’re hiking, skiing or simply out for a stroll. No matter if you’re a mile from the trailhead or deep in the wilderness, you’ll be able to carry your dog to safety — even if you’re alone.

Why you need the Airlift: Dog injury or illness on the trail is more common than you might realize. Anything can happen — paw abrasion, sudden fall, puncture wound from a tree branch, wild animal encounter, snake bite or overheating. In a real emergency, would you be prepared to manage the situation? 

The Airlift gives you the ability to self-rescue your canine companion — and provides total peace of mind on all of your adventures. Easy to pack and easy to deploy, it’s the one accessory we wished we had when our dog Remi became seriously injured (read the true story that inspired us to create the Airlift).

The Airlift is…

✔️ Easy to use and deploys quickly

✔️ Lightweight (8 to 9.5 oz depending on size)

✔️ Packable in a small stuff sack (so it can live in your backpack at all times)

✔️ Designed to fit medium, large and extra-large dogs

✔️ Recommended by veterinarians and Search & Rescue

✔️ Rigorously tested in the toughest conditions

✔️ Created by dog lovers for dog lovers to give you peace of mind

✔️ Made in Colorado, USA, from the highest-quality materials 


Before finding ourselves in a dire scenario, went to a nearby trail to practice…

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I’m not sure if it’s his body type, or his stout body proportions, but he was flipping and flopping like a fish out of water. Also, I underestimated how difficult it would be to STAND UP once I had him securely in the harness. IT WAS REALLY HARD and I couldn’t do it. Standing up from a squat/seated position in the ground with 50lbs. on my back is heavier than my heaviest loaded backpack! The brand reached out to me and suggested that I try having the dog perched on a “rock or tree” to help hoist him up the way you would a backpack. But if Rio really gets hurt in the backcountry, I might not always have a nearby rock or tree to leverage—let alone move him towards. But then Allie strapped her pup Bogey in, and he was a trooper! Bogey didn’t flail at all. Allie is very strong—but even she said it was tough!

I’m not sure if the harness was too small for Rio, or if he would have been less fidgety if he was actually hurt… but as it stands, this product did not work for us. It did work for Allie though and she said she would purchase it. All-round, I still think it’s a helpful resource and highly recommend. I would just encourage you to practice before actually needing to use it, and making sure you have the right size for your dog.

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Choose the right size

The measurements listed below are the ranges that will fit each Airlift size.

Medium Size: 20 – 45 lbs., 9 – 14 inches from back leg to front leg
Large/Original Size: 45 – 70 lbs., 13 – 18 inches from back leg to front leg
XL Size: 70 – 150 lbs., 17 – 24 inches from back leg to front leg (consider the Airlift XL-2 package, which includes additional accessories)

If your dog is in between sizes, we recommend buying the larger size. This is not a custom-fit sling, and it’s safe and functional if the Airlift is a little loose on the dog. But, please measure your dog to make sure your Airlift will not be too small.

See the how-to guide & videos below to properly measure your dog.

To learn more about the Fido Pro or order the product, you can check them out at

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