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a woman wearing disposable diapers stands in the bathroom mirror after pregnancy loss

When I lost my son at 24 weeks gestation, I hadn’t even begun researching perineal care or lactation support, yet, let alone considered referencing a Postpartum Care Checklist. I just jumped from second trimester to fourth trimester overnight and didn’t have a clue how to navigate the postpartum experience. I wrote about this in an Instagram post that you can read here.

Postpartum after pregnancy loss is still postpartum — biology doesn’t know the difference. No one had told me that my milk would come in, or that I would need my bathroom stocked with adult diapers in my second trimester. I hadn’t unboxed my breast pump yet or learned how to hand-express my breasts. I didn’t know that my feet would be so swollen it would hurt to walk, or that I would be stuffing cabbage leaves into my sports bra. (note: Breast Engorgement is one of the more uncomfortable side effects of postpartum. Read my post on Treating Breast Engorgement After Pregnancy Loss to learn more about why it happens and how to smooth the discomfort). My days should have been spent sampling belly oils and rubbing my bump. But instead, I had to care for my healing body. You can read more about my experience in Women’s Health.

Fortunately, a generous friend showed up to my house while I was still at the hospital and stocked my bathroom with all the supplies I would need in the weeks following my labor and delivery. No mother should have to prepare for this, so I created a Postpartum Care Checklist that will help you be that friend to a mother in need or for yourself if the unimaginable happens. Or, hopefully this list only comes in handy when you ARE coming home from the hospital with your little bub.

I have created this Postpartum Care Checklist that will quickly supply you with everything needed to tend to postpartum symptoms in the days after a labor and delivery. I recommend adding all of these items to your cart, they are intentional and chosen for a reason. But if you are on a limited budget, you can probably find most of these items under the bathroom sink and lend them to your friend.

a spread of postpartum care supplies displayed in a woman's bathroom

Quickly get all of the supplies on my Amazon Store using this link.

Here’s everything needed to tend to postpartum symptoms in the days after a labor and delivery:

I really hope this helps. Please add any additional products you found helpful in the comments below!

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