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Far-infrared BioMat Review

A bio mat is like an oversized heating pad that’s lined with far-infrared lights and healing amethyst and tourmaline crystals. I found that the biggest benefit was that it soothed my anxiety.

Love It Or Leave It: Volume 1

In this series I’ll do a side-by-side review of products that are essentially the same, and which are worth the hype,

A group of women on a canyoneering adventure in Moab, UT

Join These Women-led Communities to Get Plugged into the Outdoors

Female-led circles are rapidly growing in the outdoor world. Here are ten outdoor organizations that provide enriching avenues to learn outdoor recreation skills and share those experiences with others from afar or in person and socially distanced.

two women enjoy a warm autumn meal

6 Easy and Yummy Camping Recipes 

I have created a list of six incredible recipes that use a range of cook methods from a backpacking stove to cast iron dutch oven.

A woman sits in the passenger door of a red pickup truck in a blizzard snowstorm

Preparing for Winter Roads: Where to Buy Snow Tires

WINTER IS COMING! Here’s how to get snow tires ASAP, and how to create your “blizzard bag” for the car.

A woman and a dog sit on a raft, wearing lifejackets on a river

How to Adventure with Your Dog

How to keep pups safe and happy in the outdoors, tips from my favorite dog-moms on Instagram.

My Most-Loved Gear for Every Outdoor Activity

Here are my most-loved pieces of gear for my favorite outdoor activities year-round including camping, backpacking, uphilling, resort skiing, stand-up paddleboarding, and hiking. All of these products have been tested and approved based off of my personal body, abilities, and experience.