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5 Incredible Fall Weather Road Trips

Here are five of the most incredible road trip routes for observing the fall foliage as it takes flight.

A man and woman walk holding hands in the aspen trees in Colorado on a fall day

The Best Places to See Fall Foliage in Colorado

Here are my top six areas to enjoy the fall foliage each year. Don’t wait to go—in true Colorado fashion, a blizzard could hit any day!

The Best Places to Stay for Non-Campers

To help non-campers dream and plan their next trip, here are my tips for booking Airbnb overnighters; as well as four incredible stayovers that I’ve experienced or scouted.

A woman stands at the base of the Half Dome Cables with her arms in the air

How to Safely Hike Half Dome

If you snag a permit—and I hope you do—please prepare well for this challenging chance of a lifetime.

The Best Road Trips in the West

To spark your wanderlust and help script your next route, here are my top five favorite road trips of the West.

Camping for Beginners and Where to Go 

My Top Five Favorite Camping Spots, and how to get started!

Solo Travel Tips for Women

I’m still learning so much as a solo adventurer—that will never stop. But here are a handful of my favorite tools and tricks for self-travel, to help inspire your own local or far-off outing.

How to Get Started Backpacking

Here are the fundamental steps to draw-up your premier backpacking trip!

Outdoor Ethics: Leave No Trace and Geotagging

My own adaptation of the official “Seven Principles of Leave No Trace” framework.

Getting Outside During COVID-19: What’s Right and Wrong

My personal guide for how we can collectively, responsibly get outside during this big stretch of unknown.


The Best Roadtrips of The West

THe best
Road tRips in the west

To spark your wanderlust and help script your next route. Here are my top five favorite road trips of the West.

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